Darren Davis

Darren joined The Soul Detectives in 1995, replacing Graham Neville 'Grip' as lead vocalist. He remained in the band until 2004, when he decided to move with his family to live in Australia.

He started his musical life at the age of 15 when he played for various local bands as a drummer. Later in the eighties he worked as a full-time vocalist/performer at Pontin's in Devon. He then moved on to playing drums in a cabaret band backing well known artists such as the Irish comedian Frank Carson.

In the early 90's he joined a 40-piece dance band as a vocalist performing classic swing tunes from artists such as Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole. During this time he formed a 9-piece soul band called Lickin Stick. Lickin Stick was one of the pioneering groups that helped to build the reputation of the Southend based Club Riga as a quality music venue. They featured in countless editions of the local Southend music magazine "FUBAR" which gave Lickin Stick plenty of publicity. As well as being the band's front man, Darren played a few songs on the drums and also played alto and baritone saxophones on some instrumentals.

During his time with The Soul Detectives, Darren took part in a number of fund-raising drum marathons, drumming through the night to raise money for children's hospice organisations organised by Paul Francis.

Since his move to South Australia in 2004 he has performed with the party band Rewind and is currently in the "Rising Stars" band on the Adelaide Blues circuit "Spank The Funky".


Live with Spank The Funky (Blues band) 2010.jpg

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