Mick Nottage

Mick is one of the longest serving members of The Soul Detectives. He has been playing bass with them ever since the departure of Billy Dyer in 1995.

He started playing in bands back in the 1960's on rhythm and lead guitar. One of the first bands he was in worked with a couple of songwriters called Morgan and Jones, who did a lot of songwriting for Cliff Richard and many other well known artists. Together they worked on a recording that was to be in the famous Elvis Presley film "GI Blues". Unfortunately it was finished a bit too late to be included in the film but apparently the song, which was called "C'mon Sarge", was liked by Elvis.

Over the years Mick has worked in bands alongside many artists including The Swinging Blue Jeans, The Nashville Teens and Dave Berry. One of his bands backed many of the popular comedians doing the circuits around the 60's. They managed to get a long term residency playing twice a week at the Nothumberland Grand Hotel in Trafalgar Square alongside the Chico Arnes Big Band.

In mid 1967, Mick decided that he didn't want to play guitar in bands anymore and left the live music scene for a while. During this time he learned to play keyboards and experimented with them for a time before deciding to take up the bass guitar.

In 1976 he joined a band called Spartan and played at many clubs and functions backing many celebrities both in the UK and abroad. He stayed with this band until 1994. It was through Spartan that Mick first met Colin 'Fred' Free who was also a member of the same band. Later on, in 1995, Colin introduced Mick to The Soul Detectives.

Mick enjoys many types of music but especially likes The Eagles, Level 42, Stevie Wonder and Jamiroquai. His favourite bass players include Pino Palladino, Mark King and Nathan Watts amongst many others.

Mick at rehearsal

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