Reformation of Tony Jackson & The Vibrations - 1991

In 1991, 23 years after Tony Jackson & The Vibrations finished touring, Tony Jackson and drummer Paul Francis were reunited and Paul decided to reform The Vibrations so to provide a backing group for Tony and also to perform in their own right. This new Vibrations line-up comprised of Paul Francis on drums, Rob Stacey (who was soon replaced by Steve English) on bass , Colin 'Fred' Free on lead guitar, Chris Teeder on keyboards and was fronted by Graham 'Grip' Neville and Tony Jackson who both provided lead vocals. This line-up lasted a few months after which Steve English was replaced by Billy Dyer on bass. 

After a few short years together Tony Jackson had to retire from the lineup due to ongoing health problems, leaving Graham Neville as the band's only front man. Sadly Tony passed away on the 18th August 2003.


Tony Jackson 1938 - 2003

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